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Quick rundown on position 2 county commission candidates

Quick rundown on position 2 county commission candidates

The World reporting on the position two commissioner candidates attending the chamber forum this week seems to track fairly close with perceptions sent this way. John Sweet and Tim Bishop are viewed as extensions of the chamber and SCDC with their narrow focus upon enticing big business while ignoring existing and new small business. Both candidates believe hiring an administrator will solve all the county’s unspecified ills while Geno Landrum and Mark McKelvey are less convinced an administrator is the solution. The feedback I receive is that McKelvey has disappointed the progressive democrats, independents and greens with his positions on LNG and coal export as an acceptable means to and end but dyed in the wool democrats may still vote for him especially if he supports fixing the incinerator at Beaver Hill Disposal Site.

Frank Vincent and Kermit Gaston are still relative unknowns but the feedback I get on Gaston is that he has potential and neither candidate is packing a lot of baggage unlike Tim Bishop in Coos Bay and North Bend.

Still trying to catchup on business and blogging and I believe i will have some news regarding a possible OSHA complaint and other action regarding the solid waste department forthwith.

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2 Responses to "Quick rundown on position 2 county commission candidates"

  1. ima curious  March 30, 2012 at 7:16 AM

    Dear Reminder; You can get Gaston’s interview at the Jim Bice web site. From what you have written before, don’t wste your time, he won’t be your candidate. Wiley will be on Bice next Monday and Sweet on the 16th. Bice gives them the full 2 hours to answer any questions. Gurney came across as a viable candidate. Main came across as a politician. You may also be interested in the Tribes letter that is circulating – questions for candidates. What a joke! The tribe is pushing their lawyer and lobbyist Cribbins for the job. Remember, they have a person on the Port Board and on the Coos Bay City Council. Why do they even get to vote in our election – we cant vote in theirs? The tribe and chief are spending big bucks to help her. Vincent is an unknown to everybody.

  2. The Reminder  March 29, 2012 at 4:37 PM

    Hopefully we get to know the views of Frank Vincent and Kermit Gaston, before we have to vote.


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