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We have to consider who will do the least harm

We have to consider who will do the least harm

The paper has endorsed all three chamber favorites, Fred Messerle, John Sweet and Melissa Cribbens for commissioner positions one, two and three respectively. Everyone should watch their interviews at Coos Media Center to get a sense of their willingness to fast track mineral leases, privatize public services and completely undo our current system of divided powers toward a more centralized model similar to the Port of Coos Bay or local municipalities.

This morning all three candidates spoke before a forestry subcommittee of the local chamber of commerce and the Douglas Timber Operators.
According to people attending, all three spoke in glowing terms about the structure advisory committee with Cribbens reportedly saying the committee deserved $100K for all its hard work. All three candidates appear to be determined to implement the recommendations in the structure committee “majority” report, in fact Messerle has made it a campaign platform and there was no mention whatsoever of the minority dissenting report.

Regarding the two year term positions two and three one of the important factors to consider when selecting a candidate will be who will do the least amount of harm once in office. Consider how both Messerle and Parry have been able to disrupt the county in just a year and its a testament to the staff that the county is still providing services under these circumstances. These three are not likely to proceed with caution and any changes implemented without the support of the county staff and the public is doomed to failure no matter how great an idea a handful of chamber regulars think it is.

As much as I would love to see a woman on the commission, absent a write-in I am running out of options.

Fred Messerle

John Sweet
Melissa Cribbens

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2 Responses to "We have to consider who will do the least harm"

  1. themguys  April 20, 2012 at 11:05 AM

    Perhaps Ms. Cribbins will tell us what she thinks about The Minority Report issued by the committee? Is she blindly doing what she’s told, or can she think for herself? Perhaps she will tell tell us? Yeah, just like poor poor Al, when he finally faced We The People, will she run to Fred like Al did? Will she also hide behind Jon? Seems to me, unless we hear from her, that is exactly what she will do. ANY candidate running on this same old SCDC, Chamber of Consorts platform will continue to keep Coos County in the deplorable condition it has remained in for forty years. I doubt any of them will step from under Clarks’ very generous tent.

    Cribbins and Fred and Sweet are simply mouthpieces for the destruction of what is left of Coos County. That is who they are, they CHOSE to be a part of this crowd who has been telling CC for decades THEY are the job creators, and they should gobble up our tax dollars. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE RUN THIS COUNTY FOR FORTY YEARS.

    Want more of it?

    If you want more of the same crap, vote for any of them. You do get what you pay for with this crowd. They’ve had plenty of time to help CC, they have not.

  2. ima curious  April 20, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    I noted yesterday that the tongue of the serpent (self described sidewinder) has written another tome to the Sentinel. I wish I had it in me to respond in kind. As it’s Lenin’s birthday tomorrow, follwed yesterday by Hitler’s birthday, and next week it’s Sadaam’s birthday, it’s probably appropriate that the tongue (the I saved Apple man) remind us that not since Tojo of Japan have we witnessed someone more capable of grinning in a persons face while stabbing them in the back. And, regarding that breakfast this morning, wasn’t it wonderful that Mr. Pettit and Slater of the Chamber had their invites to meet the three anointed candidates on the street weeks before Chamber Vice President and daily paper publisher Walworth anointed the trio.


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