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Photos document Coquille Tribe forest practices

Photos document Coquille Tribe forest practices

Francis Eatherington of Cascadia Wildlands has published photos from the recent Rasler timber sale on the Coquille Tribal forest lands east of Powers. They aren’t pretty pictures with damaged creeks, road failures and landslides and call into question the tribe’s forest management practices despite their commercial FSC certifications. Eatherington sent the link to the photos to Jason Robison in order to give the tribe an opportunity to dispute any captions attributed to the photos. Robison didn’t deny any of Eatherington’s claims but instead responded with a list of bizarre questions.

Can you please answer the following questions for me, so that I am better informed prior to responding to the photo captions?

(1) What was the intent of your visit to the Coquille Forest? Did you enjoy your time on the Forest?
(2) Where any of these photos taken by someone else beside you? If so please identify the author/ownership of the photos.
(3) What substantive information was used to develop the captions for the images photographed?
(4) Where these photos taken for personal use or for some other intended usage ? Please identify other uses.
(5) Will these photos be shared with other audiences? If so please identify the audience(s).
(6) Do the photo captions solely represent your personal interpretations or do they represent the interpretations of and organization (i.e. Cascadia Wildlands)?
(7) Some of the photos included people. Can you please identify these people for me?

Once again, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to view these photos.

See all the photos here

Last month the Coquille Tribe contributed $1,000 to the Coos County Alliance for Progress, a political committee formed by Jon Barton, Al Pettit, Joh Knutson, Ron Stuntzner and Joe Bennetti that contributed $4,000 to Fred Messerle’s campaign for commissioner. The committee has raised more than $14,000, with 60% from foreign owned or controlled entities All these companies including the sovereign Coquille tribal nation, ORC and Jordan Cove Energy stand to gain financially from decisions made by the county commission.

A Coos Bay Wagon Road Coalition lists the county, Arnie Roblan and the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce amongst its supporters. The domain was established in June 2011.

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5 Responses to "Photos document Coquille Tribe forest practices"

  1. magix  April 23, 2012 at 6:36 AM

    There are signs posted welcoming hikers.

  2. RUGullible  April 23, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    I would wager that those questions were asked by the inexperienced tribal lawyer, your next county commissioner. They are clearly intended to lead to complaints of trespassing and possibly more. Frances answer should be silence.

  3. The Reminder  April 22, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    Please trust us, we’re your local democratic party. We’re not nearly as corrupt as the republicans, We only want to savage the local resources, with the help of our local tribe who has sovereign nation status. The Republicans will do the same, plus some. So that makes us the better choice, really you should just trust us.

  4. themguys  April 22, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    (7) Some of the photos included people. Can you please identify these people for me?

    Intimidation much?

  5. themguys  April 22, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    :”[C]ounties in Oregon and other states that rely on the payments will be lucky to get another extension even at much lower levels, said Rep. Peter DeFazio, the Democrat who represents Oregon’s 4th Congressional District…So DeFazio in recent weeks has been working with the timber industry, environmentalists and counties on a way to increase logging in Western Oregon without running afoul of federal environmental protections. Under that concept, county government would get a share of the timber sales receipts…“We agreed that we need to work together,” DeFazio said…DeFazio declined to discuss particulars but said he hopes to produce a bill within six weeks.

    They don’t intend to follow existing regulations, they’ve already doubled the cut on the Elliott, in defiance of the law and science. That’s what this is all about and Peter DeFazio is leading the charge. When these people scream about regulations? That simply means they can’t do what they want to do without damaging the land, water or people. Plain and simple. And Peter is there to help them do it. Real progressive thinking isn’t it?



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