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Messerle running on what needs to be done, but why isn’t he doing them now?

Messerle running on what needs to be done, but why isn’t he doing them now?

As someone who loves well written prose Messerle’s method of answering all questions beginning with “we need to…” and ending with “…to move forward” is almost as tedious as Bob Main’s repetition of the same “I changed how we market timber” and “armed federal agent” stories. The real problem with Messerle’s answers is provides no real answers, there is no data or substance in his speech. Instead he fills up time with folksy platitudes and bromides, “kick the can down the road”, “every ship needs a captain”, “every orchestra needs a conductor” but none of that has anything to do with county government distinct from municipal governments in many ways.

“We need to” have an administrator, according to Messerle, because “every ship needs a captain”. But he doesn’t explain or make the case for an administrator, how an administrator would make better decisions, how to pay for one or provide specifics about what the commissioners would better do with their time if the county had an administrator. Vaguely he says the commissioners can focus on fundraising/lobbying and policy but outside of internal policy and procedures real policy is set in Salem or Washington.

“We need to” have more public meetings or work sessions, “coffee” meetings he suggested at at least one forum which is a great idea so why, as chairman hasn’t he implemented weekly or daily casual buzz sessions the public can attend? “We need to” develop a long term strategic plan, he says. Another great idea, so what is stopping him? Messerle appears to be running on the premise that only if he is elected will he do these things, otherwise he will just continue governing by platitude.

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