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Sanne statement in support of Main and Gurney

Sanne statement in support of Main and Gurney

In keeping with his campaign commitment to encourage public participation in local governance Randy Sanne is supporting Bob Main for position one against Fred Messerle and Don Gurney for position three running against Melissa Cribbins. While Sanne and Main have clashed on critical issues like public meetings law and transparency Sanne states that Main is willing to allow the public to participate in decisions regarding major changes to local governance including the hiring of an administrator and making the commissioners part time volunteer positions.

On September 8, last year I filed for position 1; a position held by Bob Main. I chose to run for this position not as an attempt to challenge anyone, but because it would be a four year term which would allow the time needed to implement the budget plan I proposed, and allow me to focus on stabilizing and strengthening other services that we all pay for, in some cases have prepaid for and deserve. In my 55 years I’ve had the opportunity to work to help people fill their needs, and whether it was the Air Force, coaching children’s sports, local and state committees, or dislocated worker assistance programs, the choices I made for the direction in my life affected others and required their support, but never more so than when I made the decision last year to run for Coos County Commissioner.

More than anything I want to thank everyone who supported me, supported the message, and worked so hard to get that message to all the citizens of Coos County. This, more than anything I’ve done before required the support, help, and patience of my fellow citizens. From my beautiful wife, all my children (sons and daughters-in-law), mother, and in-laws, to all my friends and people who never knew me before last September who worked so hard to help with this campaign; I’ll never be able to adequately express my gratitude and because we received the most votes per campaign dollar spent you all deserve a hearty shout out for a doing a superior job.

While it is too soon to commit to running again in two years I am devoted to Coos County, it is my home and the home of all my children and grandchildren, the health and wellbeing of this county is no less important to me now than it was in September. Commissioner Main and I do not see eye to eye on many things but we agree that implementing major governance changes as suggested by Fred Messerle without a vote or the support of the people and the employees will fail. Main has assured me he will work toward giving the people a say before hiring an administrator and for this reason I am supporting Main for position one and Don Gurney for position three.

In November your vote is your voice, raise your voice, VOTE!!

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One Response to "Sanne statement in support of Main and Gurney"

  1. RU Gullible  June 12, 2012 at 6:56 AM

    Mr. Sanne, Do not stop trying. Had you run for position 2 or 3 as some of us asked of you, there is no doubt that you would be in a runoff.


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