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County charter provides clear direction to commission

County charter provides clear direction to commission

By Patty Evernden

I plan on voting for the proposed Charter in November, Measure 6-143.
The Charter provides a clear process for conducting county business. This provides the officials and the public with predictability. Also, a structured process keeps officials on track and less likely to make procedural errors that could result in costly mistakes.
The County has admitted that new staff has struggled with getting things right because of their lack of knowledge of process. In at least one instance, 2 commissioners were fined by the ethics commission for inappropriate handling of a matter even though there were 2 county attorneys present. The Charter provides a clear and predictable process for conducting meetings.
There is nothing wrong with allowing the voters to decide how their money is spent. What would be the point of excluding the voters from being aware of what thousands of their tax dollars are going toward? What harm is there in allowing the voters to tell their officials whether they agree on how their dollars are spent?
The Charter also provides an opportunity to vote on whether or not the county should have an administrator position. There is nothing to back-up “findings” in the committee reports that show how an administrator will improve the county budget or how freeing up the county officials will allow them to make policy. Have they identified the policies they want to implement?
The Charter includes cost savings in the form of preventative maintenance, bulk purchasing, advertised open bids for construction, upgrades, and equipment, canceling credit cards and pay raises for elected officials when the voters find it warranted.
The Charter is a wonderful document, easy to read and definitely the “Voice of the Voters”.

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