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Why did charter fail?

Why did charter fail?

By Jaye Bell


Was it because it requires open advertised bids, and opening bids publicly, on county projects so anyone qualified can bid?

Because it requires the maintenance of our buildings and equipment? (Think Beaver Hill incinerators. )

Because it requires the Board of Commissioners ( BOC ) to inform citizens on issues and allow citizens time to comment at public meetings?

Because it requires the BOC to keep citizens informed of the Board’s transactions by citizens voting on all large financial actions; selling and buying of assets and land; the giving away of public monies/assets?

Because it legally requires the commissioners obey their oath of office?

Because it requires citizens vote when a commissioner seat needs to be filled?

Because it requires citizens’ property and individual rights be protected as under both the US Constitution/ Bill of Rights and the Oregon Constitution/ Bill of Rights?

Because it requires citizens decide, by voting, if they want their monies used for specific Urban Renewal/Enterprise projects?

Because it requires ‘planning’ with sales/purchasing of county property by giving guidelines for bulk selling and buying of every day items?

Because it requires major indebtedness be approved by the people? ( Note: ten $100,000 expenditures turn quickly into a million $)

Because it recognizes many people in this county have a wealth of information and the BOC should allow them time to speak at meetings?

Because many newspapers, present commissioners, past commissioners and ‘important’ people, ( who had either never read the Charter or had conflicts with their personal interests) stated untrue generalities, not specifics, and thereby condemned it?

Because the BOC, in my opinion, committed malfeasance of office and voter fraud by not providing the citizens of Coos County with the text of both 6-143 and 6-144? With 6-143 only the District Attorney’s brief (accurate ) ballot title was presented to the citizens. With 6-144 the authors ( Messerle, Parry, counsel Soper ) presented only a ballot title which was totally inadequate to telling the truthful details. ARRRG was early led to believe the text would be in the voter pamphlet, however, the BOC did not contract with the state to do so, nor did the county publish one of it’s own.

I personally thank 6,520 people who saw through the opposition’s smoke and mirrors and voted for ‘Voice of the Voters’ Coos County 2012 Charter measure 6-143.

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