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Swearing in ceremonies Friday, 2PM

Swearing in ceremonies Friday, 2PM

Its out with the old and in with the new this Friday as the new board and other elected county officials are sworn into office. Fred Messerle and Cam Parry will officially be out to pasture Friday afternoon but not before they hold a scheduled work session to discuss a new $100K SAN software/hardware package for the IT department on Thursday. Boxes have been strategically placed by their respective office doors to facilitate the removal of personal items so their exit should be fairly seamless if not altogether quiet.

Melissa Cribbins, John Sweet and Bob Main will be sworn in Friday at 2PM in the commissioner’s courtroom along with Mary Barton – Coos County Treasurer, Michael Dado – Coos County Surveyor, and R. Paul Frasier – District Attorney.

Admittedly, Fred and Cam have been entertaining and we will be hard pressed to ever see another commissioner that can toss a giant word salad better than Cam Parry. Then again no can kick a can down the road better than Fred Messerle but I am still relieved to see their reign come to a close.

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One Response to "Swearing in ceremonies Friday, 2PM"

  1. susanp  December 31, 2012 at 7:13 PM

    Not since Abbot and Costello have two tried so hard to entertain us. Swearing in at 2; swaering at by 3?


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