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US condemns North Korea over nuclear test

US condemns North Korea over nuclear test

North Korea threatens a third nuclear test as major challenge for Obama’s second term


US condemns N. Korea over nuclear test threat (via AFP)

The United States denounced North Korea for threatening a third nuclear test and imposed new sanctions, in an early showdown for President Barack Obama’s second administration. North Korea, which defiantly put a satellite into orbit last month, had responded furiously to a unanimous vote at the UN…


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One Response to "US condemns North Korea over nuclear test"

  1. Andrew  April 14, 2013 at 6:54 AM

    After the recent escalation in its rhetoric, the NK may have exhausted all the tricks it has in its bullying tactics.
    It seems it is likely to face a situation where it would lose face when it is ignored by all others.
    The international community should not resume or even consider to resume any talks with NK until it backs down by itself totally and completely.
    China should reduce its trade and particularly aid with NK each time the NK plays bully, to make NK’s life more difficulty to send signals that its wayward bully will not work in its own interests but only the contrary.


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